"We know what's goth for you"

Funhouse release a live album

Funhouse, the masters of dark up-tempo love songs with powerful choruses, release a live album on the 1st of May, recorded at the Castle Party Festival in Bolkow in Poland, last Summer. One Night in a Dark and Stormy Bolkow delivers twelve songs, classic gothic hits and new songs in a balanced mixture, capturing the feeling of truly being there.

Listen to it on the music platform of your choice:
Listen to One Night in a Dark and Stormy Bolkow here.

Don't miss Funhouse live at Campus Noir X festival in Ilmenau, Germany, on the 24th September at the Technische Universität.

M&A Music Art's Youtube-channel here.

Listen to Funhouse on Spotify here!

Get a bunch of links to download or stream Dark and Stormy here.

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos