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13 Thorns
Gallows' Eve
13 Thorns

CatNr: MACDL984
Format: CD

Price: 159 SEK / 15.50 €

”13 Thorns” is the debut album from Sweden's most exciting new gothic band, Gallow's Eve. Released on the alternative and indie label M&A Music Art, it gives a full range of the intense gothic rock that has earned the band so much praise and attention in a short space of time. The songs unmistakably carry the signum of the band, full of dark energy, structured around a veil of classic gothic guitars and the intriguing and linguistically rich vocals of Andreas Lundberg. He sings of passion, pain, betrayal, fear and horror, in a way that is difficult to fend off. The scenes are set in a grim and fearful soundscape of beating electronic percussions and synthesizers. Tracklist:
13 Thorns
Born to Die
Black Rose
The Rivers Will
Just Like Us
Escape the Dawn
Death Magic
Darker than Black
Reign of Ash
Autumn Falls
To the Lighthouse

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