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Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion
Children on Stun
Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion

CatNr: MACDL959
Format: CD

Price: 120 SEK / 15 €

Children on Stun was one of the leading underground acts, and probably the most innovative, of the UK in the 1990. “Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion" holds the best of their career, a promo video track and some bonus tracks from songwriter Simon's new band Spares. Two pop songs with a heavier edge than the Stun of old and a remix by ex. Children on Stun front man Neil Ash, who indulges himself within the dance scene. With 71 minutes of audio and 4 minutes of video delights it's certainly super value for the money!

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos