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Lost Hymns
A Cloud of Ravens
Lost Hymns

CatNr: NEX052022
Format: LP

Price: 289 SEK / 26.99 €

The third album from this great postpunk/gothic duo from Brooklyn, NY. Tracklist:
A1 Requiem For The Sun 4:06
A2 In Winter's Arms 3:52
A3 Old Ghosts 3:54
A4 The Blackest Mantra 3:42
A5 Parable 3:20
A6 Fear Not 2:26
B1 Nature Of Artifice
B2 When We Go Cold 4:46
B3 Rite And Ritual 4:22
B4 Tower Down 3:50
B5 Obsidian Waltz 4:54

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos