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Still Confused but on a Higher Level
Medicine Rain
Still Confused but on a Higher Level

CatNr: MACDL975
Format: CD

Price: 140 SEK / 15 €

Tongue-in-cheek rock'n'roll that pushes the boundaries of alternative music, both in style and the use of the instruments. Refreshingly free from the clichés of the scene always with good songs in focus, never losing the spirit of the gothic rock. Richard Magnusson has probably the best male vocals of the genre, sounding like the perfect cross over of Billy Idol, Iggy Pop and Andrew Eldritch. Tracklist:
01. Spinning 3:30
02. No More 3:53
03. Obsidian 3:38
04. New Religion 3:46
05. Enter The Vail 4:02
06. Move On 4:49
07. Let It Ride 3:05
08. Real Time 4:15
09. Tango 3:01
10. Stay 3:38
11. Pumping Like a Gun 4:38
12. Albino Flogged in Black 6:59

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos