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End of Our Days
After Dusk
End of Our Days

CatNr: GMR003
Format: CD

Price: 145 SEK / 16 €

After Dusk and the album End Of Our Days is the answer to the prayers of any old school goth rock fan. It contains 13 tracks of traditional goth rock, in which deep haunting vocals, powerful guitar riffs and blasting drum machines create the perfect mood for dancefloor madness. In their lyrics the listener can find references to the lost cities of H.P. Lovecraft, the archetype of the vampire, apocalyptic prophecies and legends of ancient deities. Don't miss the brilliant cover version of Paul Roland's "Nosferatu".
Recorded in 2004 but released late 2013. Hand numbered edition limited to 1000 copies in beautiful digipack. Tracklist:
1. Strange Aeon's Signs
2. End Of Our Days
3. Under Dismay
4. Insight
5. The Bitter Love
6. Ghouls In Disguised
7. The Seas Of Infinity
8. Midnight
9. Take Me Far Away
10. With Curses And Dreams
11. Raise Your Eyes
12. Revelations Of Rebirth
13. Nosferatu

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