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Edit Overdose
Alien Sex Fiend
Edit Overdose

CatNr: CRDVD33
Format: DVD

Price: 190 SEK / 19.50 €

Billed as "an outstanding achievement in bizarre entertainment", "Edit/Overdose" is the first ever DVD to feature one of the Gothic scene's most enigmatic and enduringly popular bands, Alien Sex Fiend. The films were made during the mid-eighties, and include promo videos and footage from live Fiend shows in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.
Wild Women
Get Into It
Manic Depression
Buggin' Me
I'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home
Believe It Or Not
In And Out Of My Mind
Ignore The Machine
Hurricane Fighter Plane
April Showers
I Walk The Line
Boneshaker Baby
Wish I Woz A Dog
Eddies Ghost

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