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Marooned On Samsara
Marooned On Samsara

CatNr: D-M005
Format: CD

Price: 155 SEK / 16 €

Ahryeph is not a new band. Its origins lie way back in the early summer of 1996, in a band called Crucifire. However, due to various factors, Crucifire did not last as a band and was ultimately downsized to a one man project, of which the driving force was Raf, a self taught musician and producer, who used ot be in Belgian Black Metal band Ancient Rites and was responsible for writing the bulk of the songs on their latest album 'Rubicon'.
01. End I - Hindsight
02. In Sickness
03. Misanthropia
04. Seele
05. Memories
06. Distanced
07. The Rain Suite (Downfall - Elegia - Divine)
08. Lilith
09. End II - Insight
10. Farewell

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos