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The Dancing Wu Li Masters
25 Men
The Dancing Wu Li Masters

CatNr: D-M006
Format: CD

Price: 165 SEK / 19.50 €

Designed and directed by James Ray, the project 25men consists of various musicians and artists from around the world who present an amalgamation of musical and artistic ideas resulting in a sound that takes the sound of Gangwar and 4080peru to another dimension. The album entitled "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" is simply a masterpiece!
James Ray is a singer and band-leader, best known as a member of Andrew Eldritch's side-project The Sisterhood. He was a founding member of "James Ray And The Performance", a rock band with ties to goth rock. James Ray has also formed the bands "James Ray's Gangwar", "The MK Ultra", and his current band "4080peru".
01. Are You Receiving Now
02. Between Space
03. From Bethlehem To Babel
04. Return Of The Pigs
05. Beneath The Avalanche
06. No Control
07. Everyhting I Enjoy
08. All The Way

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos