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When Love is Dead
Dr. Arthur Krause
When Love is Dead

CatNr: MACDL971
Format: CD

Price: 100 SEK / 15 €

Music that works the miracle to create images in people's minds, is good music. And "When Love is Dead" is a good album. These 12 songs, especially "When Love is Dead" and "The Lake", will guaranteed touch the soul, if only given the chance. This is not only a classic divorce album about a broken marriage. This is a separation album in many different levels and dedicated to a close friend of Dr. Arthur Krause, who was murdered. Track list:
1. The Eternity Flame
2. The Lake
3. When Love Is Dead
4. Hide
5. Follow the Shadow
6. Foreced
7. Fetish Lady
8. Born in Russia
9. Funeral
10. Do the Vampire and Dance
11. A Higher Dimension
12. The Beginning of the End

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